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  • Complete Wellsite Geological Services
  • Geophysical Data Acquisition Operation
  • Pore pressure estimation & Real Time Transmission Services
  • Completion & Drilling Engineers & Supervisors
  • Wellsite Biostratigraphy

New Era geosciences Limited provides experienced Wellsite geology consultants to carry out Wellsite geological functions.  The scope of duty includes:

Geological Data Acquisition:
Our wellsite geologist supervises the subcontractors to acquire all wellsite geological data to achieve best quality data according to well programme. These includes:
  • Collection, Preparation and Preservation of cuttings and cores.
  • Lithological evaluation and description of cuttings, sidewall cores and cores.
  • Hydrocarbon evaluation of cuttings, sidewall cores and cores.
  • Hydrocarbon evaluation with gas detection system.
  • Mud logging supervision and evaluation.
  • Wire line logging supervision, evaluation and quality control.

Geological Data Interpretation:
The consultant compile all wellsite geological data with other data from offset wells, seismic data etc to interpret and predict all geological features of and around the well. These includes:
  • Well correlation
  • Stratigraphic interpretation and lithological prediction
  • Gas ratios and drilling data interpretation
  • Wireline logging interpretation
  • Prepare wellsite composite log using Geo wellsite complog or any other desire of the client.
  • Inplacement of horizontal well, work in conjunction with directional driller and the whole geosteering group for effective drain hole maximization.

Pore Pressure Estimation:
We provide Pore pressure profiling during well planning and casing design while we also estimate pressure while drilling is on going. These services are essential especially where you are dealing with unknown geology or where limited information is available about the field. We will generate the pore pressure profile making use limited data available and proffer mud weight necessary to drill the well.

Due to the expertise and level of experience of our wellsite geologists, NEGL have
developed a package for evaluating Pore Pressure for safe drilling of Oil and Gas wells.
This service includes Pore Pressure evaluation and detection, Fracture Gradient,
Wellbore stability and Casing design. In addition to this, Drilling Engineers are
equally available within our group for complete coverage of all aspect of drilling
and completion operations.