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NEW ERA GEOSCIENCES LIMITED (NEGL) is an indigenous Oil Services company based in Lagos with potential branch offices at Warri and Port Harcourt. The Company was incorporated in May 2005 for the purpose of providing Petroleum Geosciences services including but not limited to Field Development Studies, Wellsite geology, Geophysical data acquisition supervision, Reservoir Assessment, Geomodeling services and Manpower Training in the areas of basic operations geology and formation evaluation.

The company’s management is headed by a Managing Director supported by a Company secretary / Finance Director, an Operation Manager and Safety Manager. New Era Geosciences Limited is a Nigerian company peopled and managed by Nigerians It enjoys technological cooperation with reputable Oil Service companies within and outside the country.

This online brochure is aimed at showing the company's capabilities within her chosen fields. The company is managed by highly experienced earth scientists who have a vast knowledge of the petroleum geology of the Niger Delta oil province and the deep water specialists.