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Corporate Mission
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New Era Geosciences Limited currently employs Nigerian professionals all of whom are graduates and post graduate degrees holders. We also have consultants who are attracted as at when needed. All field staffs are duly insured with others well trained on many aspects of HS&E measures, including fire fighting, survival swimming and STOP procedures. The company also provides medical coverage for the employees, and plans to extend to their spouses and children to a maximum of four. We also operate generous car loan program and house ownership schemes for the staff. The company equally plans a schedule of professional courses for her personnel.

New Era Geosciences Limited provides quality performance in all aspects of her service to the upstream sector of the Oil Industry. In the area of wellsite geological and drilling services, we operate using highly experienced and qualify personnel/consultants. In addition to this, the company subjects her personnel to client interview prior to engaging them in any operation. Operations are carried out according to the client's specifications and industry standard.
The results of our efficiently managed data can be used to review as well as give a complete picture and provide logs and reports which are used for decision making.
Our formation evaluation services also cover detailed cuttings analysis, description of lithologies, and hydrocarbon evaluation at intervals determined by the client. Detailed geological description of cores during coring/core catching operations are done promptly and efficiently to ensure that the value of cutting the core is justified.
Our Wellsite personnel ensure mudlogging; M/LWD as well as Wire line data are presented in clients’ specified format and transmitted digitally and on time to meet the client's decision-making framework. Final well reports are prepared and presented promptly to ensure their timely use in post mortem analysis/evaluation of drilled wells.
Our goal is to excel as we consolidate in the areas of Wellsite geological services as well as other related services that we offered to the industry.

NEGL maintains a regular routine call to the client’s office for information on daily rig operations, material request and personnel performance evaluation. Clients can reach our staff by telephone or e-mail 24 hours a day. We are in the process of launching our website, an additional medium through which the company could be reach.

The company has a policy of employing high quality personnel who have vast knowledge of Oil field operations. We count on performance and merit and do not discriminate against tribe, sex or age. We have in our employment Nigerians of high repute who works as a team for the benefit of the client. We use from time to time consultants who have earnedreputable name for themselves in the industry or the academia.

The company takes the issue of safety very seriously. We ensure that our staffs are aware of the client's safety guidelines and policy. We encourage our staff to participate in client's safety meetings and activities.

As a company, our client base is gradually being built, and this includes:


However, our personnel / Staff have diverse experiences working for various multinational companies in the Country as indicated in their attached resumes.